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Hi! My name is Pamela Kucinska.

I am MA in Psychology from 2014. I specialise in providing psychological support to pregnant or to-be-pregnant women, women in perinatal period, in first years of maternity, as well as expats, LGBTQ+ people and people committed to personal development, caring of a harmony in relationships with others. I teach, how to effectively cope with stress and anxiety, as well as with crisis-like situation.

Psychological consultation online

Efficient support

Benefit from all advantages of therapy and psychological consulting exactly like at a counselor‘s office

Comfortable and flexible dates

Consultations take place when you have time. The meeting is usually conducted in a few days from your contact with me

Privacy guarantee

Conversations are conducted in a safe manner, assuring at least the same level of privacy as in a counselor‘s office

Without going out of home

You benefit from the safety and comfort of your private environment and you don‘t lose time for commuting

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Send me a message and I will call you back with an appointment proposal or call me at +49 178 53 11 303 if you prefer.

Types of support

Possible models for cooperation

Psychological counselling

You have a specific problem or challenge, that we analyse during a meeting (or couple of meetings). You look for a solution with quick implementation into your life.


You face more complex life difficulties, we meet for a couple of weeks. You look for an improvement in your life quality and self-development, as well as for better understanding of yourself.

Personal development

You do not have any particular problem to solve. You would like to better know yourself, to understand what schemas and convictions have influence on your life, to improve your relationships with others.

Example areas of support

Pregnancy and labour

  • Preparation to pregnancy and labour
  • Anxiety for labour, hospital
  • Difficult or traumatic birthing experience

Parental challenges

  • Difficult relations with children
  • So called „bad“ children
  • Rebel of 2-, 3-, 4-year-old

Stress and anxiety management

  • Technics of controlling and reducing stress
  • Working through your anxiousness
  • Better every-day functioning


  • Difficulties with accommodation in a new place
  • Anxiety towards new opportunities
  • Heimweh – missing your „home“


  • Anxiety and stress related to coming-out
  • Difficulties in relationships with others
  • Seeking your identity


The psychological appointment online takes 50 minutes.

Price: 100 €, paid after setting up an appointment by transfer to the bank account: DExx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx (N26 bank) in transfer title please type „consultation“ and add your name and surname.

There is a possibility of purchasing appointment packages or periodical subscription:

  • set of 3 meetings – 270 €
  • set of 5 meetings – 400 €
  • 6-months subscription with 3 meetings monthly – 250 € monthly 

Appointments are being conducted via Skype or phone. Other communication channels are available after agreement.

Payments in different currencies like GBP or USD are possible after individual agreement.

Have questions? Send me an email!

Would you like to set up a meeting with me?

Send me a message and add some preferred dates.

About Me

MA Pamela Kucinska – psychologist, specialised in working with women in pregnancy and first years of maternity, as well as expats and LGBTQ+ people.

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